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Cirque Amongus - Discover the Big Top Within

Cirque Amongus Birthday Party at our Place


Have a great time - no setup, no clean-up - just show up and enjoy!

The kids have a blast! - they are physically active, learn something new, and discover their hidden talents.
Then they have an unforgettable moment in the spotlight showing off their new skills, complete with circus costumes, makeup and music.

Our state of the art activity center in Livonia, MI can handle parties of up to 30 kids. Standard parties run for 2 hours and include any 3 circus skills. For availability and on-line reservations go here.

Food, Decorations, Etc.

Bring your own, have it catered, get local pizza delivery... anything you like - it's your party. We can assist with any arrangements. Pizza, Ice Cream, Popcorn, goodie bags, balloons, etc. at competitive pices.

Standard 2 hour party outline:

00:00 - 00:30
During the first 30 minutes everyone tries out 3 different circus skills, led by our enthusiastic party hosts. Each child selects their favorite of the 3 skills.

00:30 - 01:00
We take a 30 minute break for snacks and presents.

01:00 - 01:45
The kids transform into performers as they get dressed up in circus outfits and face paint and put together 3 minute performance routines.

01:40- 01:55
The grand circus performance by all party guests, complete with circus music and theatrical lighting.

01:55- 02:00
Say goodbye to guests.

On top of all that:

We take pictures of the entire event and make them available for free downloading from our web site.

Every guest takes home a souvenir program of the show.