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Cirque Amongus - Discover the Big Top Within

Circus Day at School Project Outline

3 Morning

We provide name tags for every student and adult volunteer. We also provide every adult with a task sheet outlining their day.

The students start out in their class rooms where attendance is taken and name badges are handed out. They then spend the morning going through a circuit of ten different circus skills in small multi-age groups, receiving about 10 minutes of hands-on instruction at each station.

Students are encouraged to come up with creative ways of utilizing the props at each station.

Every group has an adult leader who stays with the group the entire morning, guiding them from station to station and assisting in the instruction.

Every station has an adult station boss who gives instruction and oversees safety at his/her station.

The circuit stations can be set up in classrooms, hallways, gymnasium and outside.

Every student and adult can be instantly located through the computer we set up for the office personnel.

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