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Cirque Amongus - Discover the Big Top Within

Circus Day at School


The students are the stars
in a colorful circus performance.

The main ingredients of this program are creativity, teamwork and fun. The students are encouraged to come up with their own creative ways of utilizing traditional circus props. The students also play an integral role in the creation and choreography of the acts for the final performance.

School Community

A Circus Day Project is a wonderful community builder. Students get to collaborate with other students who are not their regular classmates, and adults other than their regular teachers.
Teachers get to interact with students other than their usual class and a large group of parent volunteers.
Volunteers have a chance to meet their children's friends, parents and teachers.
New friends are made, and the benefits to the school community of creating something together will last far beyond the project day.

Add Custom Educational Messages

A Circus Day Project is highly customizable. If desired, educational messages can be incorporated at all stations. Select from our standard themes (nutrition, bullying, manners, etc.), mix and match, or provide your own messages.

Project Requirements:

This project requires the most cooperation from teachers and parents.

In addition to the teachers, enough parent volunteers are needed so that there are about 2 adults present for every 10 students.

The adults meet the evening before the Circus Day to get familiar with the equipment and the course of events on the following day.

We provide two instructors to run the project and all the show equipment, stage equipment, sound system, costumes and make-up.

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