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Cirque Amongus - Discover the Big Top Within

Circus at our Activity Center

Ideal for Homeschool Groups, Class Trips, Scout Outings, DayCare field trips, etc.

Your students put together and perform their very own circus performance in an action packed program at our activity center in Livonia, MI.

max number of students: 30.

Standard Options:

1. Half-Day Circus
This 4 hour program Features all 10 circus skills. Each student performs in multiple acts in the show.

2. Three-Act Circus
This 90 minute program Features any 3 circus skills. Each student performs in one act in the show.

Standard options can be booked here.
For custom length programs email us

Project Outline


We give a quick demonstration of the circus skills and then the children are divided in small groups and receive hands-on instruction on each skill.

We provide name tags for every child and adult.

The children are encouraged to come up with creative ways of utilizing the props.


Along the way the participants pick their favorite acts. They focus on those skills and put together routines to perform in the show.

The Show

The children are sure to amaze you with everything they learned and thought up in a very short time. They put on a show complete with costumes, makeup and music. Every adult & child gets a souvenir program of the performance listing all participants and what acts they were in.


We require 1 adult per 10 students.

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