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Cirque Amongus - Discover the Big Top Within

Circus Day


Base Price: $1600
The base price includes one circuit - capable of handling 100 students (10 instruction stations with 10 students each).

Extra Circuits: $800 each
One extra circuit is required for every 100 additional students.

A circuit can handle more than 100 students, but the resulting larger groups at each station decrease the hands-on time per student.
The base price includes a 2 hr instruction session for the adult volunteers the evening before the program.
If the teachers are unable to attend the evening session an additional one hour afternoon instruction session for the teachers can be added for $150.

Travel & Lodging
The base price includes travel inside a 50 mile radius from Livonia, MI.
Projects at a distance greater than 50 miles will incur travel & lodging charges at $1 per mile driving distance over 100 miles roundtrip, and one night lodging for the project managers at $150 per manager.
The number of project managers on a project is:
2 project managers for the first 3 circuits
1 additional project manager for every 2 additional circuits

Remember - You also need 22 adult volunteers to run each circuit.

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