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Cirque Amongus - Discover the Big Top Within

Quotes from participants

"What a great experience Cirque Amongus was for our school!

The project managers maintained just the right level of good humor, professionalism, showmanship and instruction to set all of us volunteers at ease.

On the day of the circus, it was great fun to experiment and play with the equipment at my station. In fact, the kids were so interested in the materials that I had no discipline problems and only eager participants!

Meeting and working with the parents of children in different grades (who were also volunteers) was a nice "extra" for the day. Having worked on this project together, there is much more comradery in parent meetings and the parking lot!

Most importantly, I am so glad I helped give my kids a hands-on experience of the circus. They loved it!"

Juliann Joy
Parent / Volunteer Inkster, MI

"I have been an elementary school principal for 19 years and this is by far the finest program I have ever booked for the students in my school." >>> see complete letter

Katherine Sheiko
Green Elementary
West Bloomfield, MI

"This day was the highlight of the year so far, and one of the best experiences that we, as a whole school community, have had in my thirteen Trombly years."

Eric Frakes
Trombly Elementary
Grosse Pointe, MI

"Working together to learn the different circus skills instilled the importance of teamwork and cooperation in a fun and exiting way. New friendships were formed and everyone was a performing star."

Susan C. Branstner
Dearborn West Family Service and Learning Center
Dearborn, MI

"It was truly an enriching experience for all students."

Jean Rusing
Trombly Elementary School
Grosse Pointe, MI

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