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Cirque Amongus - Discover the Big Top Within

Cirque Amongus Summer Camp

Ages 6 - 16

Morning and Afternoon sessions every week of summer recess.

New camps start every Monday, with a grand performance on Friday.

Parents can follow their child's circus career online!

Sign up individually or come as a group.
Ask about our group discounts for Summer Camps, Daycare Centers, YMCAs etc.
We host a maximum of 30 campers per session.
See our event schedule for Camp Dates and times.

Besides having a blast learning circus skills, getting dressed up, face paint and performing in a circus show, campers learn about teamwork and cooperation in a non-competitive atmosphere. Everyone participates at their individual skill level. Feel free to repeat the camp and become a specialist. There is always more to learn, and there is always something new happening at Cirque Amongus Summer Camp.

Cost: $210 for the week.

Sign up now by calling 734-525-4335.