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Cirque Amongus - Discover the Big Top Within

Team Building Workshop


Teambuilding is about communication, trust, goal alignment and fun. Our project managers take your team members through a series of simple exercises designed to improve team dynamics.

Our well designed and professionally delivered Teambuilding Workshop begins with a short presentation about what teambuilding is and why it is important. Helping to develop the techniques needed for effective teambuilding, we use adapted circus skills. These are the same skills that are used by circus performers, but adapted by Cirque Amongus to be both fun to learn and challenging to master.

Cirque Amongus can accomodate a group of any size at your location, and groups of up to 30 people at our location in Livonia, MI. Groups are divided into teams that work together at several of our stations. Trust, goal alignment, communication and fun are just a few of the team dynamics that the stations help to improve.

Cirque Amongus can interweave any new goal you are introducing and focus on any team dynamic your company or group finds most important in our presentation. We can also present our standard message if you would prefer. Introducing new goals along with managing change, reducing stress, promoting new markets, or just saying "Thank you" to your team are just a few reasons why a Cirque Amongus Teambuilding Workshop is perfect for your group!

Why the Cirque Amongus Teambuilding Workshop works:

  • Taking your staff or group out of their comfort zone, it starts everyone from the same point- no one is more experienced than another.
  • Groups have less resistance to the activities because of their "fun factor." Everyone has fun, while at the same time developing effective teambuilding techniques.
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Ample room to accomodate your participants with some room to move around in. Our activity center in Livonia, MI can accomodate your group of up to 30.

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